27 October 2013

Season 1 Episode 6: Chicken or not?

Gip managed to get to the Farm. For how long will he last there unnoticied?

20 October 2013

The Farm's side stories: Paco & Ninja Worm #1

Paco thinks he's flirting. We beg to differ!

16 October 2013

Paco & Ninja Worm: The Farm's side stories

Don't miss this Monday the first episode of The Farm™ side stories! The crazy adventures of Paco the pigeon pirate and Ninja Worm! This Monday Paco makes his introduction!
 Stay tuned! 

13 October 2013

Season 1 Episode 5: Preparing the first attempt

Remember what happened to Gip? Sheperd threw him away from the forest! See how he finds out his next plan to attack the farm!

06 October 2013

Season 1 Episode 4: Like a boss

Sheperd walks confident out of the forest after kicking Gip's butt!

01 October 2013

Season 1 Episode 3: A new nemesis

Poor Gip.. Just as he was ready to attack that farm, he met his new enemy!